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About Us

About us

Welcome to Medha College

A calm pearl city welcomes the youths of creative and artistic personality to open up their career in the professional field. An exclusive degree college for Interior Design and Fashion Design in Puttur zone is Medha College , which offers 3 years regular B.Sc degree in both Interior Design and Fashion Design. The college is affiliated to Mangalore University and approved by Government of Karnataka.

Those who posses good visual imaginations and are able to express their dreams through design may opt for Interior Design course. Interior designers decorate the available space which enhances the quality of life and a beauty that nourishes the soul. Those with a passion for fashion and flair for style may consider a career in fashion design. Fashion designers use their creative and technical skills to create varieties of clothing and accessories.

When a career and passion come together, life will be beautiful. Design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.


Why Choose us

We provide high quality, innovative and responsive education and training programs that produces graduates with the skills necessary to sustain individual career success within a global economy


Our Mission

We make every decision to support the career and personal development of our students. Our curriculum, teaching and services demonstrate that we value the diverse profiles of our students


Our vision

Transforming lives and career of students through learning